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Diamonds & Gems

About Consulmet - Mineral Processing Solutions

World leaders in diamond processing



world leaders in diamond processing - Consulmet

We have built dozens of diamond processing plants for junior and mid-tier diamond producers, and have been working with Rio Tinto Diamonds since 2005. We are experts in the application of DMS to diamond processing, and final recovery using optical and X-ray sorters, and grease belts.

Complete process plants



We can provide a complete processing solution for diamonds & gems from full scale production plants to pilot and demonstration plants and applicable production ready solutions. Sample Consulmet plants include:

→ Kimberley Diamond Mine
→ Koidu Diamonds
→ Murowa Diamonds
→ Ship-mounted diamond plant
→ LUO Alluvial
→ LUO Tuft
→ Lace Kimberlite

→ DMS plants/modules
→ ore sorting modules
→ crushing, screening & scrubbing circuits
→ final recovery modules (X-ray & optical sorters, grease belts)
→ reagent & flocculant plants



We provide customers with a full suite of project and study services for diamonds & gems projects, including:

project, study & construction management

Consulmet provides an in-depth and professional management service for the entire project from start to finish.

process engineering

  • Testwork programme design & management
  • Flowsheet design
  • Conceptualisation, mass and water balances, process flow diagrams, and detailed piping & instrumentation diagrams
  • Equipment selection
  • Plant audits
  • Commissioning

multi-discipline design

  • Mechanical and piping engineering
  • Electrical and instrumentation engineering
  • Civil and structural engineering
  • Engineering design and certification to international standards
  • Plant layout design
  • 3D draughting & modelling

project support services

  • Estimating & scheduling
  • Procurement & expediting
  • Spares procurement & management
  • Logistics (customs and quarantine clearances, freight and shipping)

project infrastructure

  • Power, water & fuel solutions
  • Tailings storage facilities/dams
  • Accomodation camps
  • Air strips
  • Access roads
  • Earthworks & drainage
  • Telecommunications & information technology
  • Security

plant upgrades & expansions

plant operation, maintenance & training