Fixed price design & construction

Bulk earthworks and drainage for mining and infrastructure projects.
Design and construction of steel and concrete (reinforced and post-tensioned) large capacity (up to 100,000 tonnes) silos to ASME, AS and the Euronorms.
Design and construction of steel chimneys and stacks to ASME, CICIND and the Euronorms.
Design and construction of water retaining structures to BS, AS and the Euronorms.
Design and fabrication of specialist FRP structures.

Our philosphy


We belive in eliminating complexity to develop elegant, cost effective infrastructure solutions.


Our infrastructure solutions are robust and easily implemented in the real world.


We target the lowest overall cost solution for your infrastructure project.

Modelling & simulation

Nonlinear (material and geometry) and dynamic (harmonic, earthquake) analysis of complex structures.
Analysis of complex hydraulic structures, and wind sensitive structures.
Modelling of material flowabilty in materials handling and bulk storage infrastructure.
Assessment of existing structures using ISO 13822 for change of use or design life extension to minimise the cost of modifications/upgrades.