Photo of Spiral and cyclone test rig


Spiral and cyclone test rig




Perth, Australia

Year completed


Flowsheet summary

The spiral test rig was designed to accommodate three spirals of various diameters and sizes (up to 7 turns) the spirals are fed with a bottom fed eight-way distributor which in turn fed the selected spiral(s). An in line densitometer was mounted on the main feed line to the distributor. The distributor was a constant overflow pipe, discharging into a launder which diverts the overflow back to the main feed tank. The sampler was designed to sample up to three spirals simultaneously if needed. The rig was fitted wit a single crawl beam complete electric hoist for ease of spiral replacement. The cyclone rig was housed on the bottom level with flexability of changing out cyclones and cyclone components as required and a dedicated 3/2 Cyclone feed pump was fitted to the 360 degree accessable rig.

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